About Venture Life

About Us

"The partner of choice for self-care products"

What we do
Venture Life develops, manufactures and distributes products for the self-care market. These are non-drug products that consumers buy without prescription to lead a healthier life.

There is a growing demand for self-care products due to an ageing population. People are living longer and taking more interest and responsibility for their health, with an increased focus on preventative wellness. This approach of increased personal responsibility can deliver improved health and well-being in the short, medium and long term for individuals.

Business model
Based on a vertically integrated approach, we either acquire or develop in-house self-care products, that are manufactured in our factory; these are then distributed either directly or to customers or through global distribution partnerships.

Our brands
Venture Life has its own portfolio of self-care brands, which are sold without perscription through pharmacies and other retailers. They address a wide range of healthcare issues from oral healthcare, women's intimate health, neurology, cardiovascular and dermatology.

Many of our products have intellectual property including trademarks, patents, clinical evidence proving efficacy as well as formulation and manufacturing expertise. Being a non-drug company means faster regulatory routes to market and lower regulatory costs.

Our international business follows a B2B model. We currently partner our own brands with 90+ reputable pharmaceutical and healthcare partners around the world, focusing on key markets.

Our partners have local market expertise and the partner covered all in-market costs, so we have no exposure to funding, sales and marketing costs.

Within the UK, the acquisition of the UltraDEX brand has given us direct access to the UK retail market including key retailers such as Boots, Tesco and Amazon. In the UK this direct route earns us higher revenues per unit and we invest this extra money in UK consumer marketing to support the products.