NeuroAge™ helps support an ageing brain by improving mental alertness, learning and memory recall.

Our brain and body need essential nutrients in order to function properly, and this is especially important as we age.
NeuroAge™ contains an effective combination of key components to help support an ageing brain.

Key benefits are that it supports mental alertness, cognitive function and mental performance. Mental performance includes aspects of brain function such as concentration, learning, memory and reasoning.

NeuroAge™ contains ingredients that have been extensively tested on over 2,000 people. Results show that this combination of ingredients improves both learning and memory impairments. NeuroAge’s components are safe to use; no major side effects have been reported.

Mode of Action

NeuroAge Mode of Action

NeuroAge™ has the following benefits:

  • Supports mental alertness, cognitive function and mental performance
  • Supports concentration, learning, memory and reasoning

Product Range: NeuroAge capsules are available in either 30 or 60 capsules

Regulatory Status: Food Supplement

Patent pending

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