At a Glance

We are committed to providing innovative and efficacious products for the self-care market for people who want to lead a healthier life.

What we do

Venture Life develops, manufactures and distributes products for the self-care market. These are non-drug products that consumers buy without prescription to help lead a healthier life.

A growing global population living longer drives the ever-increasing demand for self-care and preventative wellness. Combined with global healthcare budgets being under pressure and governments encouraging consumers towards both self-diagnosis and self-medication, means the self-care market is a continually growing market space.

Business model

Based on a vertically integrated approach, we either acquire or develop self-care products and brands. These products are then manufactured in-house and sold to a network of international partners as well as to key retailers and through online channels in the UK, The Netherlands and Italian markets.

SustainableprofitabilityAcquire ordevelopManufacture(own brandsand customerbrands)DistributeB2B

Our strategy

We have multiple revenue growth opportunities, both organically and through our acquisition strategy.  With our own expertise in development, manufacturing and international distribution, growth will come from the following:

Revenue growth fromproduct acquisitionProfit growth throughimproving marginsRevenue growth fromexisting and newdistribution partnersRevenue growthfrom developinginnovative products4 Key Growth Drivers of the Business

Our products

Venture Life has its own portfolio of self-care products, which are sold without prescription through pharmacies and other retailers. They address a wide range of healthcare issues from oral healthcare, diabetes management, women’s intimate health, oncology support, footcare, dermatology and ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat).

Many of our products have intellectual property including trademarks, patents clinical evidence proving efficacy as well as formulation and manufacturing expertise. Being a non-drug company means faster regulatory routes to market and lower regulatory costs.


90+Markets worldwide

Within the UK and The Netherlands we have direct access to retail markets, including key pharmacy and grocery multiple retailers. This direct route earns us higher revenues per unit, and in return we only invest money in UK consumer marketing to support the products.

Our international business currently follows a B2B model. We partner our products around the world, focusing on key markets. Our partners have local market expertise and they cover all in market costs, so we have no exposure to funding sales, marketing and distribution costs in these locations.


Key partners



Key milestones

2010Acquisition ofOriginal Bioscalinbrand2014Acquisition ofBiokosmes Srl, anItalian developmentand manufacturingbusiness; yearof IPO2016Acquisition ofPeriproducts Ltd,includingUltraDEX brand2017FDA OTC drugmanufacturingcompliance for theUS market2018Acquisition ofDentyl brand2010Venture Lifeco-founded byJerry Randall andSharon Collins

Registered office and VAT number

Registered office: Venture House, 2 Arlington Square, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1WA

Registered VAT number: 05651130