Dentyl Dual Action BB Mints

BB Mints are a new addition to the Dentyl® range – sugar-free breath freshening capsules that dissolve instantly to freshen breath.


BB Mints are breath freshening sugar free capsules that work both instantly for long lasting freshness. The capsule is placed in the mouth and it instantly dissolves on the tongue for a powerful hit of minty freshness. The inner core of the capsule helps neutralise odours from within the belly.

Key benefits

  • Sugar-free
  • Outer layer dissolves instantly to freshen breath
  • Swallow the inner core for belly freshness
  • Contains a source of phenylalanine

Key ingredients

Menthol, peppermint flavouring.

Product range

1 pack contains 12 peppermint flavoured BB Mints.

Regulation status