Business Model

Through our vertically integrated model we innovate, develop and manufacture self-care products globally.

We have a 5,500m² manufacturing facility north of Milan, Italy, where a dedicated team has the expertise to innovate and develop products. These products are then manufactured in-house and sold to a network of international partners and to key retailers in the UK market.

Research &DevelopmentWe have the agility and expertiseto develop innovative new self-careproducts.ManufacturingOur in-house manufacturingcapabilities are a key differentiatingfactor from our peers.DistributionWe have a global distributionnetwork with rapid expansion intokey markets.AcquisitionM&A is one of the key drivers forthe business. We use our verticallyintegrated model to reinvigorateacquired brands and maximisegrowth.Intellectual propertyMany of our products haveintellectual property includingtrademarks, patents, and clinicalevidence proving efficacy.CustomerWe foster and nurture ourcustomer partnerships both withnew and existing customersSustainably profitable