vonalei™ Candidiasis

Helps relieve discomfort caused by Thrush.


vonalei Candidiasis cream helps to alleviate the symptoms associated with vaginal thrush (candidiasis) including redness, soreness, itching and discharge caused by a fungus know as Candida.

vonalei Candidiasis cream provides a protective, soothing barrier film that adheres to the mucosa and helps relieve vaginal discharge, irritation, redness and sensitivity associated with thrush. It helps protect the vaginal tissues and natural flora, meaning that recurring vaginal problems are less likely to occur.

vonalei Candidiasis is based on natural ingredients that help support good vaginal health.

For maximum results, vonalei Intimate Cleansing Foam is recommended to be used before this product.

This website is for reference only, please seek medical advice for any further information.

Key benefits

  • Full range – cream-gel & cleanser
  • Natural ingredients
  • Promotes good vaginal health

Key ingredients

Lactic Acid: helps restore and maintain the natural pH level in the vagina

Teflose®: protects the vaginal wall and inhibits the adhesion of microorganisms

Hyaluronic Acid: provides a soothing effect as well as supports healthy tissue

Product range

vonalei Candidiasis is available in a 30ml tube with 5 non-reusable applicators

Regulatory status

Medical Device Class IIa