Anti-Corruption Policy

Business Ethics Statement

The reputation of Venture Life Group plc (VLG), its subsidiaries and employees is critical to our business. Our reputation for integrity depends on the ethics of our employees and our dedication to fundamental principles of transparency, honesty, and prudence. VLG has developed this policy in an effort to ensure that we all share the same high standards of business integrity that govern our work. Venture Life’s activities involves both the UK and Italy, and, through our distributors, many places elsewhere. So, it is critical that everyone understands the international regulations that govern our work, no matter where we are based individually.

This policy:

  • applies to all VLG group companies and their employees, distributors, agents, contractors and other service providers wherever they are in the world;
  • provides guidance and promotes high standards of business integrity; and
  • is fully supported by the Board of Directors.

Compliance with this policy is mandatory. Good decisions by people are key to building and safeguarding Venture Life’s reputation around the world. No policy can address every issue you will face while doing business on behalf of VLG. This policy, however, sets out VLG’s general standards on important issues related to anti-corruption. It provides an overview of the types of scenarios to be alert for and when to seek additional guidance. Whenever a situation is unclear, seek additional clarification.

Jerry Randall
Chief Executive Officer