Market Overview

Understanding trends and opportunities

We create value for shareholders with our expertise and agility in being able to identify, develop and manufacture for growing market segments. The ever-increasing demand for self-care and preventative wellness is driven by a growing population living longer. The ageing population is a big driver of the self-care market in which Venture Life operates.

Ageing population growth

The global population of people aged over 45 was 2.1 billion in 2015 and it is expected to grow substantially to reach 3.7 billion by 2050, representing nearly 40% of the total worldwide population.1


  • Increased demand for products that will help maintain good health
  • Global growth in the self-care market

Our response

  • We have the expertise and knowledge to develop, manufacture and distribute self-care products and
    become a key global market leader in this space
  • Active acquisition strategy for self-care brands, allowing us to bring manufacturing in-house if applicable, and commercialise these brands internationally
201720302050543210Population (billions)0-910-2425-5960+80+ source: United Nations (2017). World Population Prospects:the 2017 Revision

Healthcare budgets

£14.9bnSavings the NHS needs to make by 2020 - 21
£4.3bnNet deficit of NHS bodies and NHS trusts in 2015 - 16
66%Percentage of NHS trusts in deficit in 2015 - 16

Global healthcare budgets are under increasing pressure. Cost pressures facing the NHS include a growing and ageing population, the increasing prevalence of chronic conditions across all age groups, and the rising cost of delivering care. This is a global issue.


  • Increased focus from healthcare systems on prevention and early diagnosis
  • Expected that regular use of self-care and over-the-counter “OTC” products will begin as early as the age of 45
  • Growth in self-care market

Our response

  • Our vertically integrated model means we can be quick to market
  • We have the agility to meet market demands
  • We have the agility to respond to market trends/demands

Self-medication market

To help ease the pressure on GPs, governments are encouraging consumers towards more self-medication and promoting the role of the pharmacist. With people living longer, the growth of self-care and OTC products will continue, as consumers are encouraged to take proactive involvement in managing minor ailments and making themselves less reliant on the health funders for help.


  • Continued global growth in this sector
  • Growth in the self-care sector with increased demand for over-the-counter “OTC” products

Our response

  • We have long-term exclusive agreements with global partners. With their local expertise of the pharmacy market, we can maximise the market opportunity
Source: Association of the European Self-Medication Industry – Market DataSelf-medication market annual change 2014-152.27%UK6.67%France9.46%Spain4.33%USA7.26%Germany14.88%Japan5.18%Norway8.74%Turkey27.46%Australia

Responding to market demands

With our expertise in research and development, and our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we are in a strong position to quickly respond to market demands in the self-care sector. We are experts in the medical device field and we have a continual pipeline of products in development.