Investment Case

As an international consumer self-care company, we create value for shareholders by developing, manufacturing and commercialising products for the self-care market.

Venture Life is a business with multiple revenue growth opportunities, both organic and through an acquisition strategy. Our in-house manufacturing capability is a key differentiating factor from our peers.

What are our strategic objectives?

We want to become a leading global self-care branded products business. In addition to organic growth, product acquisition is a key driver of the growth of the business.

Our business model

We have the agility to move fast to capitalise on the growing consumer trends and our business model is supported by the following key components:

  • Experienced management team
  • Vertically integrated business model
  • In-house manufacturing facility
  • Expertise in product development, manufacturing and distribution
  • Experience in acquiring brands and reinvigorating brands to growth
  • Significant long-term growth potential

Geared for growth

Growth will come from the following:

  • Revenue growth from existing and new distribution partners
  • Revenue growth from developing innovative products
  • Revenue growth from product acquisition
  • Utilising operational leverage
  • Profit growth through improved margins

Operational leverage

We have invested in the operational capacity of the Group over the last three years, and now have increased operational leverage through which to exploit revenue growth.

Financial performance

+9%Revenue growth in 2021
39.6%Gross margin in 2021
+8%Adjusted EBITDA profit (£m) in 2021

Distribution and our partners

Our international business follows a B2B model. We partner our own brands with reputable pharmaceutical or healthcare partners around the world, focusing on key markets. Our partners have local market expertise and the partner covers all in-market costs, so no exposure to funding, sales and marketing costs.

With the acquisition of UltraDEX and Dentyl Active brands, Venture Life now has direct access to the UK retail market including key retailers such as Boots, Tesco and Amazon. In the UK, this route earns us higher revenues per unit, and this extra money is invested in UK consumer marketing to support the products.



Company presentation

For more detailed information please download our latest Company presentation: