Shareholder Analysis

Share Information

Number of shares in issue 84,026,006
Country of listing UK
Market AIM (London Stock Exchange)
Ticker VLG

Major Shareholders

The percentage of shares that are not in public hands is 15.43%.

Shareholder Number of shares held % issued share capital
Mr Gianluca Braguti and associated holdings 7,085,459* 8.5%
JO Hambro Capital Management Limited 5,677,856 6.8%
BGF Investment Management Limited 5,462,500 6.5%
Slater Investments Ltd 4,991,431 6.0%
Close Brothers Asset Management 4,171,083 5.0%
Mr Jerry Randall and associated holdings 3,910,729 4.7%
Stonehage Fleming 3,882,438 4.6%
River & Mercantile Asset Management LLP 3,667,150 4.4%
Premier Miton Investors 3,372,570 4.0%
* Includes 300,000 shares owned by his wife and 2,000,000 owned by his adult children. Mr Braguti retains control of the voting rights for these 2,300,000 whilst he remains a director of Venture Life Group plc.

Last updated 26th October 2020. There are no restrictions on the transfer of AIM securities.