Lift Glucose Tablets

Lift Glucose chewable tablets give you that fast-acting energy boost when your body needs it most.


Lift Glucose chewable tablets contain 3.7g of fast acting glucose, which quickly raises blood sugar levels when you need that pick-me-up. Packaged in a convenient, air tight tube that keeps your tabs safe and dry, they’re ideal for keeping in your bag ready for when your blood sugar dips.

Key benefits

  • No artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners
  • Fast-acting impact
  • Measured dose
  • Low calories
  • Caffeine, gluten and fat free
  • Tough, re-sealable, water resistant packs
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Product format

Lift Glucose tablets are available in tubes of 10 and jars of 50 tablets. They are also available in boxes of 20 individually wrapped tablets.

Regulatory status

Food Supplement