Balance Activ BV Treatment Pessaries

Helps to relief discomfort and odour caused by Bacterial Vaginosis.


Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is a vaginal infection whereby the normal balance of bacteria in the vagina is disrupted and replaced by an overgrowth of certain bacteria.

Balance Activ BV Treatment Pessaries uses lactic acid to restore the vagina’s natural pH and vaginal flora, and to relieve symptoms of BV. It also contains glycogen, which provides nutrients to encourage the growth of lactobacilli, a protective bacteria that helps to maintain a healthy balance inside the vagina.

Key benefits

  • Easy-to-use, mess free
  • Natural ingredients
  • Rapid relief of unpleasant odour
  • Clinically proven
  • Multiple product formats

Key ingredients

Lactic Acid: helps restore and maintain the natural pH level in the vagina.

Glycogen: provides nutrients to encourage the growth of lactobacilli.

Product format

Balance Activ BV Pessaries contains 7 single-use vaginal pessaries.

Regulatory status

Class IIa Medical Device